Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lino cut from five plates, 3.5x5.5"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

After studying illustration and graphic design, I went on to change the direction and intent of my painting after being accepted into the Graduate Program at the State University in Fullerton, California. It was during this time, under the guidance and influence of realists George James and Don Hendricks that my style and sensibility developed, whereby a viewer of my work is confronted with a possibly familiar scene or subject matter, re-arranged through a somewhat unorthodox use of colors and shapes, forcing the viewer to see the subject in a completely new way.

Upon receiving my Master’s Degree in Drawing and Painting, I went to Southern France, where I had been invited to live and work with a colleague of mine who had set up a studio in Aix-en Provence. After almost a year of painting, drawing and travelling, I returned to California and for the next few years worked as an illustrator and graphic designer before moving to Westport, Connecticut.

As my painting matured and my goals changed, I put aside my career as an illustrator/designer to devote my time entirely to painting and printmaking. Although the subjects continued to vary, my attitude and palette remained constant. In the early 1980’s, I found myself unconsciously combining a sense of graphics and puzzle-like shapes with an interaction of positive and negative areas, brought together by the use of flat colors and various over-sprays. As my technique became more refined, a conscious effort was made to maintain this way of seeing subjects and translating my view onto paper and canvas.

After moving back to California, I have been concentrating on acrylics and printmaking, in an effort to expand my ever curious mind which is always searching for new ways to express my creativity, and teaching those who are interested in developing their creative abilities. After years of selling my work in galleries both in California and Conneticut, I now represent myself, and have just started using ArtByUs, Etsy and Ebay as outlets to expose my work to the public.

Over 300 of my serigraphs have been sold throughout the United States. My works can be found in numerous national collections, both public and private, including the Ford Motor Company, the Fluor Corporation, and American Express.

Lino cut with chine colle, 6x11"

Etching with aquatint, 4x7"

Etching with aquatint, 6x9"

Self portrait with chine colle 6x4.5"